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Sept 30
Color Club                         

Chicago, IL

Oct 8 
The Crocodile
Seattle, WA

Oct 19, 20, 21
DC Comedy Loft
Washington DC

Nov 4
City Winery
New York, NY

Nov 13
Mississippi Studios
Portland, OR



Chloé Hilliard_2023 Yellow_edited.png

Chloé Hilliard is a comedian, TV writer, and award-winning author. Her humor stems from being the awkward “big girl” who had plenty of time to observe others. It’s an experience she writes vividly about in her debut book F*ck Your Diet, a collection of essays addressing weight, diet culture, feminism, politics, and more. F*ck Your Diet was named Best Comedy Book of 2020 by the African American Literary Awards.


As a stand-up comedian, Chloé made her late-night talk show debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (2019), her network debut on Last Comic Standing (2014) and spent years touring the country. Her other TV appearances include Comedy Central’s This Week at the Comedy Cellar, the comedy docuseries Dark Humor, The Nightly Show and most recently Wilmore, a limited Peacock political late-night series where she also served as a staff writer. Chloé has also produced and written for reality, game shows and news programming.


Prior to hitting the screen and stage, Chloé was a journalist and editor. For over a decade, Chloé was a culture and entertainment journalist, writing for The Village Voice, Essence, Vibe, King, and The Source. For her expertise on Hip-Hop culture she’s appeared on CNN Headline News, ABC News, Our World with Black Enterprise, and C-Span. Her work has been featured in Best African American Essays: 2009.


Most recently, Chloé launched her own live stream late-night talk show, Chloe Across America, bringing her humor, intelligence and experiences live to your screen.  She's also a writer and producer on HBO's Emmy award-winning series, A Black Lady Sketch Show. A Brooklyn native, Chloé recently relocated to Los Angeles to further pursue tv and film production.